REPORT: Eagles Will Debut New Uniform Combination for London Game

After years of going with midnight green jerseys with white pants, black jerseys with black pants and white jerseys with white pants, it is looking like the Eagles might try something new for tomorrow’s game against the Jaguars.

According to fan Chris Roithmayr, over in London they have the uniforms for Sunday’s game displayed for fans. 

The Jaguars confirmed that they will be wearing their all-black uniforms, so it makes this more likely to be true that the Eagles will sport black pants with their white jerseys for the first time.

It might take some getting used to for most fans, but at first glance it seems like a breath of fresh air. The last time the Eagles debuted a new uniform combination, it was the “blackout” back in 2014 against the New York Giants; They defeated the Giants 27-0. The Eagles might be hoping a uniform shake-up could provide some new luck like the last uniform change did to the 2014 Eagles.


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