Jalen Ramsey Trade Rumors

Jalen Ramsey — cornerback, Philadelphia Eagles. How pure does that sound? The Eagles would have no shortage of swagger, talent, or Jalens in the defensive backfield.

On ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Adam Schefter had a segment on Ramsey, and the fact that the Jaguars may have to trade him this offseason. Jacksonville would need to make Ramsey the highest paid corner in the NFL, after they have already inked AJ Bouye to a 5 year deal worth $15.5mil/per year. 

Why Ramsey?

Besides the fact that Ramsey is the best corner in the league, Ramsey fits in Jim Schwartz defensive scheme better than almost anyone in the league. Obviously, he could play in all schemes, but Ramsey’s ability to cover on an island, close in on the ball in the air, and also come up to the line and make tackles proves why Howie may want to unload the Brinks truck. In all reality, the Eagles may trade for Ramsey for a year, if it doesn’t work out, let him walk in 2020. 

Give some to get some

Depending on what the Jags asking price is, you can almost be certain it would take a good-great player and a high pick in the 2019 NFL draft. That may be an opportunity to ship Mills or Douglas out of town with a first. Most fans would be willing to take that risk. However, if the Jags ask for Sidney Jones and a first, the Eagles may pump the breaks. 


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