Malcolm Jenkins Took Over as Defensive Coordinator in Sunday’s Win Over the Giants

On Sunday the Eagles stayed in the playoff picture by defeating the New York Giants, as now they are only one game back of the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. The team might have Malcolm Jenkins to thank for the victory, as he was the one who made the defensive changes in the 2nd half that kept the Giants to just 3 points and allowed the Eagles offense to climb their way back from the 16 point deficit they faced.

After the game, Jenkins revealed to media that he talked to Jim Schwartz at halftime to make some changes.

Jenkins knew the team needed to make things simple since there were four players on defense with limited playing experiences (Cre’Von LeBlanc, Chandon Sullivan, De’Vante Bausby, and Nathan Gerry). Once Schwartz simplified the play calls, the defense settled down and did enough to secure a victory.

Jenkins deserves kudos for using his voice and locker room leadership to tell Jim Schwartz what he needed to do. At the same time though, it is a serious problem that Schwartz couldn’t realize the need to change on his own or sooner. Let’s hope in future games he is quicker to pull the trigger to switch things up on defense if they aren’t working.


2 thoughts on “Malcolm Jenkins Took Over as Defensive Coordinator in Sunday’s Win Over the Giants

  1. JG570 says:

    So…it kinda sounds like Jenkins told Schwartz to “dumb it down” as they say…but to be fair was it Jenkins that simplified the plays or Schwartz after taking jenkins suggestion?

    I mean the details here are a little fuzzy but it sounds to me like Schwartz deserves credit, but Jenkins does too…as opposed to the opinion in the last paragraph stating essentially that the backups are stupid and Schwartz should have known it.

    Sounds to me like Jenkins suggested, metaphorically speaking, to throw a curveball…

    His own Philly Philly I guess

    1. Andrew W says:

      It was Schwartz’s call in the end to take Jenkins’ suggestion, but we might never know if Schwartz was going to make that change at the half anyway even without Jenkins bringing it up. So in my eyes Jenkins deserves a little more of the credit because if Schwartz was on top of his players and paid attention, he should have “dumb it down” for the secondary after that dreadful 1st Quarter. But you are absolutely right that they both deserve kudos.

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