Tracking the 30 Pre-Draft Prospect Visits for the Eagles

Before the NFL draft on April 27th, all 32 teams have the ability to bring in 30 different players of their choice for in person meetings. Here they can work the player out, interview him, and get a better understanding of them. Want to keep track of the players the Eagles have brought in to the NovaCare Complex? Stay here, and we will continue to update.

Alabama State: Tytus Howard | OT | 6’6, 311 lbs | Sr. (Source)

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Jeff Stoutland has been banging the table for Howie, Joe Douglas and crew to draft Tytus Howard. Howard was in Philadelphia on Monday March 11th for a meeting with the team, his third so far this offseason.

Current Projection: 3rd-4th Round

Florida: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson | S | 5’11 207 lbs | Jr. (Source)

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Johnson is another player that the team brought into Philadelphia on Monday (3/11) for a top-30 visit. The team had did not reportedly met with Johnson at earlier points this offseason, but the fact that he has been brought in for a visit, proves the team has some amount of interest. Gardner-Johnson has proven his ability to play in man coverage and excels in zone. Gardner-Johnson is known as the versatile swiss army knife on the back-end of the defense – a highly coveted skill in Philadelphia.

Current Projection: 2nd Round

Michigan: Karan Higdon | RB | 5’9 206 lbs | Sr (Source)

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Karan Higdon is an intriguing running back prospect given his size at only 5’9. Higdon is a no nonsense runner, meaning he consistently gets his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage and gets downhill. Higdon runs with authority, and has pretty decent balance (most likely due to his low center of gravity). What will make Higdon fall, other than his size is that he wasn’t utilized much out of the backfield other than to block. This isn’t to say that Higdon cannot develop into a sufficient pass catcher, he just hasn’t shown it during his time at Michigan.

Current Projection: 3rd Round – 4th Round

Old Dominion: Oshane Ximines | EDGE | 6’3 253 lbs (Source)

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Ximines is a big body from a small school. Consistently required double teams to keep him out of the backfield, Ximines used his speed and strength to get to the QB. If Ximines wasn’t able to get to the QB, his hands were up. One play against Marshall, he batted the ball with one hand, and caught it for an interception with the other. Oshane flashes great pass rush moves, but sometimes gets off of his feet; something he will need to work on in the pros.

Current Projection: 3rd Round – 4th Round


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